1-30-18 by dave

There was ground pounding fun and morning Sun to great the Morning Crew, who mounted a multi lap carve fest in Mineral Basin to get the day started right. Winds were brisk, but the warm temps made it feel a bit like Spring. The Corduroy carpets were smooth and delightful as full traction turns were easy and let you explore your inner Ligety. On the front of the hill, both sides of the hill were offering smooth lines that were vacant and had some exquisite sections of crystal nap that would shave off with each turn, emitting a Whirring and Zizzing sound. What fun. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew, who were assembled in full force at the top of a Lewis and Clark assault. The quality of the Groomers held up all day with the very light traffic, however a high altitude cloud deck moved over the range after Noon, which really turned out the lights. The off trail continues to offer some interesting lines and the wind did begin to accumulate some dust in the deep troughs, but the rumble was still quite abrupt. Tomorrow, look for more smooth cruising on all sides of the hill. I think the Sun will shine and those Mineral Basin lines will be the place to start out the shred fest. Traffic will be light, so maximum vertical should be easy to click off. See you there for those rippin’ runs on the living room shag!! See the Line, BE the Line!!

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