1-31-18 by dave

Amazing Groomers had been prepared for today’s festivities, and the carpets were being seasoned with a dusting of transported snow that pushed the quality into the shred fest zone. Even though there was a high cloud deck, Mineral Basin was basking in the bright Sun, that made for high definition visibility wall to wall back there. Here is a shot looking down Canyon with an interesting light filtering through the clouds. That early morning cloud deck kept me from getting a look at the Lunar Eclipse when I rolled out of the rack early. On the front of the hill, sweet lines of corduroy were going off top to bottom with that wind working magic there as well. Traffic was very light and roomy trams were a treat all day. I stopped into The Summit to grab a Slab-o-zza and caught this pie just coming out of the oven. Oh Yeah!! Tomorrow, look for a cloudy, breezy day with some light flurries. Look for those smooth lines to be offering the consistent feel in the flat light. I will be scoping out the low lying areas for wind accumulated pockets that will be worth a quick look see. Those off trail sections are becoming a bit more rasty as the wind works those exposed sections, so get a good look before dropping in. Traffic will be light once again, so a full dose of vertical will be in play. See you there for the continued shred fest!! IBBY!

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