4-04-17 by dave

It was fully Winter Cold this morning, with 4 degrees on the peak and a very stiff wind blowing out of the North making the wind chill well below Zero.  A light dusting covered the dance floor and a few furious flurries were delivering a bit more as we dipped into Mineral Basin, where White Diamonds – Lower Silver Dipper was buffed smooth.  The wind and flurries covered the buffage with a soft flannel feel that made a few laps there fun and fast.  On the front of the hill the wind seemed to be moving the new product around, so the consistency was a bit more erratic.  Lower Primrose Path had a fresh till, but with the very cold temps. and the wind work, a very deliberate approach was wise, especially with the very flat light that made surface details non existent.   Off trail, the High North aspects were feeling pretty good, with the interference patterns mellowing, and the new snow filling in the low spots.  All those other exposures needed to be avoided all day, as the temps. never rose but a few degrees.  Here is a fun with photography shot I took today.  See if you can guess what is going on with this image.  No Photoshop.Tomorrow, look for another very cold morning, but the forecast is for improving temps., so we may get some softening of the pack later in the day, however, after today’s very cold temps., that it going to be a very slow process.  Mineral Basin will be the place to be for the first couple of hours, as the big wide Groomers are good to go and have been standing up all day long.  The front of the hill will be offering tenderized lines as it was today, and getting sufficient traction was easy effective.  The light should be much better, so you will be able to see the details in sharp relief.  That will be a very nice feature.  See The Line, BE The Line!!

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