4-03-17 by dave

It was quite cold this morning, but the Sun was shining brightly.  The ambient air temps. did not really rise all that much, as the stout breeze held off the warming.  Super extensive Grooming had been performed on all sides of the mountain.  Mineral Basin lines had been pushed out double wide, and extra lines had been added to increase the usable area, as most of the off trail was difficult.  Only the High North aspects were consistent enough to push a line.  With the cold temps.,  all the directly exposed aspects were very slow to soften, though the fresh till work made the lines fun from the start.  Here is a shot of the West Twin with all of the highlights standing out in high contrast in the afternoon Sunlight.  On the front of the hill, top to bottom carpets were waiting, but the lower elevations would have to wait until after 2 PM to begin to break, and still they did not give up much, though it was great to get the extra traction on those steep long lines.  The High North on the front of the hill has been smoothing out with the recent accumulation and low traffic, and those off trail lines seemed to be the best call for the off the beaten path experience.   I have been staying dialed into the steep and smooth lines that keep my knees happy. I had to stop and get a shot of this fantastic Panda hat that this lovely lady was sporting.  It was just so whimsical and a perfect hat for such a cold morning.  Tomorrow, look for some early overcast with some light precipitation.  The visibility could be a touch compromised, however, there is clearing predicted for later in the day.  The Groomers will still be offering great early lines on all sides of the hill.  Those High North aspects will certainly be worth a look for the off trail seekers, but avoid those due South and East facing aspects that never softened at all today.  Stay Frosty!!

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