4-02-17 by dave

The visibility was challenging this morning, with very dense clouds covering most of the elevation.  Just for grins and giggles, The Morning Crew made the trek into the Abyss to explore Lewis and Clark just to see if we could see.  The answer to that was….. NO.  We lost the Groomed line at the boundary line and found ourselves bouncing over the frozen corral that was resident there.   Fortunately, we were able to re acquire the prepared line and found the smooth velvet a welcome relief.  On the front side of the hill, the visibility continued to be an issue, but the trees and vague reference points helped keep the focus going.  Here is a shot of Buzz and Bunny Skigrin amidst the tall pines were we stopped to regain center after I got vertigo.  I had to go sit down when I got to the bottom to get my balance stable again.  Later, the visibility improved markedly, making finding the sweet spot easier, and the prepared lines got softer and more consistent.  This storm did not really bring much in the way of accumulation, so the off trail remained difficult. Here is a shot of one of the fresh cut flowers at The Forklift.  I love the cosmic burst of color and geometry in these blossoms.  Julia does a great job arranging them in a simple yet stunning fashion.   Tomorrow, look for clearing skies, with great visibility. Look for the Groomers to be offering the best lines on the hill, and be wary of the off trail as it is still a tad problematic.  It may be more negotiable with better visibility, but tread lightly. With the Sun out, warming will help the pack get increasingly soft, and I am hoping for a solid sorbet window as we chase the Sun around the dial.  There is plenty of cover wall to wall, and the off trail will get softer with the warming.  See you there for the Spring conditions and light traffic.  IBBY!!

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