4-01-17 by dave

The Sun was shining brightly this April fools morning.  After the last few days of weather, the hill was finally seen with the fresh coat.  The Groomers were offering the deluxe ride on all sides of the hill.  The underlying rumble off trail was still a bit rasty, but the high density of the last installment did cushion the ride, but the folks I saw pushing the line yesterday were getting pretty worked by the Gnar underlying the freshness.  April fools day was always a fun day and the stoke continues even today.  Here is a shot from the early 80’s of good friends of mine in full regalia celebrating the day. April is often times a very stormy month and powder can be expected  this time of the season as we all know.  Here is a shot of my friend Chris T from a full on April day in the early 80’s.This is NOT an April Fools joke shot at all, I just included it as a testament to the amazing place LCC is and that this will be delivered. Chris is one of the chargers that were killing the Bird when I arrived. Tomorrow, look for the some weather to be moving in, so the visibility may be problematic.  Look for the Groomers to be offering the consistent smooth lines that will aid any visibility issues. I will be looking for Mineral Basin to start out the day, and get the most out of the big vertical that is offered out there for the early lines. Last night I attended another of the epic Kazoodi’s designer pizza tasting events that pushed the envelope of good and ripped all the edges.  This is one of Mikey M’s variations on a classic Barone’s Pizza of LA pan pizza.  The secret mods to this classic cannot be revealed, but needless to say this pan pie was amazing.  I just love the char and delicacy of this treat.  Kazoodi worked up some amazing Neopolitan pies that just killed me.  Don’t ask me which were the best as there is no real best in PERFECT, there are just different kinds of PERFECT.  Stay Frosty!!

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