4-05-17 by dave

It was rippin’ smooth on all sides of the hill this morning, as amazing industrial smoothing had been performed.  The Sun was out, but the air was still quite cold with a bit of a wind blowing out of the North.  The Twins opened, and the turns in Pipeline looked pretty consistent in the morning Sun.  Mineral Basin was offering the brightly Sun lit lines of White Diamonds, Lower Silver Dipper, and Lone Star, that were corduroy perfect.  My skis were whirring and Zizzing as I transited each turn across the nap.  Every turn was a treat.  Lewis and Clark was also offering the goods with a new line punched down the middle.  The High North was well worth the effort to check out, and the snow is still soft and easy.  The Forklift Breakfast Recon Meeting was well attended, however, we were able to all throw decorum to the wind and take calls at the Table. Missed you Tramrat!!Temps. were quite slow to warm, and the pack took a very long time to break, but only really broke on the lower aspects of the hill and the direct West faces.  The front of the hill was offering top to bottom Groomers that were ground pounding fun and fast and only got better as the day progressed.  Tomorrow, look for sunny skies, but there could be some clouds moving in and out all day.   The Groomers will be offering great lines on all sides of the hill, but Mineral Basin will be the place to get started.  Traffic is very light and max vertical can be racked up quickly.  Look for those High North aspects to still be holding the cold, and the fairly smooth off trail is easy to negotiate.   See you there for the morning thunder.  Speed Safely!!

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