4-06-17 by dave

The Grooming Crew pushed all the big lines out double wide, making the morning session a corduroy extravaganza.  It was a bit cool, but the air was warming fast with the Sun out in full strength.  Mineral Basin was smoking fast, with light traffic keeping the lanes open and good to go.  On the front of the hill, amazing lines had been prepared with Lower Silver Fox getting a very rare smoothing.  Here is a shot of Lower Fox looking rare and ready.  Over  on Gad 2, the Gad Trifecta had been worked and was looking smooth and silky on the way up the chair.  The Morning Crew took full advantage of the vacant slopes and smooth cruising. The day warmed slowly and the pack took it’s time, but following the Sun was key in being in the right place at the right time.  1:30PM saw the sorbet window open on many of the big smooth Groomers and the off trail began to break, making some of those far afield lines worth a trip to check them out.  High clouds began to move in later in the day, making the light go flat and the sticky spots cropped up on the lower part of the hill.  I bailed when my knees started yappin’.   Today also saw the opening of the Twins for the first time in a while, and a super rare opening of Germicide, which got a lot of traffic today. In fact there was more traffic than I have ever seen.  Here is a shot of some folks working the super steep section off the top.  Here is a  shot of Brian Beck standing at the top of the real deal.  Tomorrow, look for more extensive Grooming to be the morning go to lines.  There is a storm moving in and I think the light could be a bit flat in the AM.  Temps. are predicted to remain warm in advance of the next system, and winds out of the South should be stout. We will have to see how the freeze goes and how deep and long it holds.  The next system is looking juicy, so keep your fingers crossed.  As Joe Man The Snow Man says, ” Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!

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