4-07-17 by dave

The wind was really rockin’ The Trailer in the early morning hours, making me think twice about going up the hill.  The Big Wind out of the West kept the Tram parked for the day, and Little Cloud Chair was off line as well in the nuking winds.  Snow was being transported, but it did not seem to be piling up except in some of the low guts.  The Peruvian Trifecta had been buffed top to bottom, with the upper section offering Winter quality wind driven dust that felt perfect, making that line “dial a turn” fun and fast.  Anderson’s Hill was bullet proof and needed a very cautious approach in the very flat light.  The lower third of the hill was sorbet sweet and, with Lower Silver Fox getting the fresh retill, made an otherwise ho hum day a real treat.  Every turn was so consistent and precise that it made dialing in some extra high edge angle pay off with dividends.  You just had to be careful not to launch yourself out of the turn with all that Snap Crackle and Pop!!  Weather began to move in around Noon, so I took leave of the hill to begin my day off early.   We said goodbye to Tom and Betty, who are returning to their home planet. Tom materialized on an empty Tram in ’76 and asked me which way to go.  I told him the deal, and he returned the next year after telling Betty that there are people who just ski every day, and that this planet was the place to be.  They have returned every year since to spend 3 months living The Dream and have achieved full Adept status.  This is another lesson in creative manifestation, where you can make your dreams come true, you just have to show up.  Fair winds you two!!  Tomorrow, look for a significant storm to move in, delivering a significant installment of Spring Powder.  The hill is in great shape to accept this delivery, as most of the the off trail has smoothed out significantly.  The cushion of the new snow will be happening, but will get better with each additional inch.  Don’t Forget To Sizzle!!

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