4-08-17 by dave

The rain was pounding the skin of The Trailer this morning and continued until Noon, which signaled the arrival of a nice Spring Storm to add to the pack and give us a new coating.  Word had it that the density was high and was sticking  to the old surface and providing a better ride off trail.  Impulses move in and out all day and really began to fill in around 3 PM. With all that moisture in the product, the accumulation was much lower that it would have been with a colder storm. Still, it will be a good start as this next part of the storm drops the goods overnight.  Here is a great shot of Dan The Man checking out the opening of The Twins.  That is Germicide to the right of Pipeline, and Dan was one of the very first people to take it on in the early 80’s when it was open for just an hour.  As is his way, he charged that line with wild abandon, putting in a non stop line that still has not been duplicated.  He still rips in a very serious manner and it is great to have him join us for the Morning Crew fun.   Tomorrow, look for more accumulation overnight.  The hill is in great shape, and with today’s primer coat I am anticipating a very nice day.  Traffic will probably be stout with the new installment, so plan accordingly.  See you there for the freshness.  IBBY!!

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