4-09-17 by dave

The Promise Of The Wastach servered up a deep dish of Essence for the faithful, who showed up in full effect.  After a long stretch between significant storms, this installment came as a long awaited frosting on the cake.  After a bit of a delayed opening, and the usual staggered area opening, the Faithful were treated to 2 feet of medium density product on top of some the high density accumulation yesterday.  This combination made the old layer a faint echo all over the hill.  Some high winds overnight worked a few aspects, building some wind waves that were a bit stiff, however, the quality was excellent.  When Mineral Basin opened later, the wind had scoured some of the higher elevation aspects, but lower down the product was feeling very nice indeed.   Here is a shot I took of the accumulation on the Plaza to give you and idea of the depth at the base.  There was much more up higher.  Tomorrow, should be cool and sunny as the storm has moved off.  Look for the Groomers to be off the charts buffed with all this product to work with.  Mineral Basin will be the place to start, as the Sun will make short work of the quality in those direct Sun absorbing aspects.  Get them quick as it will go fast.  There may be some areas still waiting in the wings that did not open today.  I left at Noon, so I don’t know if they opened it all. Here is a shot of Thunder Bowl that had the only Sun that I saw all morning.  It was looking fat and fun. I will be excited to see if there are still a few deep lines left.  See you there for the morning explorations.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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