4-10-17 by dave

As anticipated, the wide spread Groomers were off the charts smooth and creamy this morning, with Winter Quality that made the turns dial-a-matic sweet.  The cool morning temps. kept the quality going, delaying the effects of the Sun for quite a while.  The left over areas of the hill opened, and while there were a lot of folks going for the goods, the light traffic let the goods last longer.  The untracked lines had been affected by the wind in places, but overall it was fun getting those fresh lines.  Here is a shot of Timp. looking large and massive in the far distance.  The Road To Provo opened later in the day, offering a variety of aspects that kept you on your toes.  On the front of the hill, buffed lines were the place to be for the ground pounding goodness top to bottom.  Lower Primrose Path was Hydro Velvet buffed that let you explore your Inner Ligety.  There were some off trail gems as well.  Here is a shot of Mikey M throwing up the dust. This is testament to the cold quality that was holding up this long after the storm.   Mikey and Brian Beck were working the outer perimeter to get the goods.  Here is a shot of Brian pulling a Wheelie on one of those out of the way lines.   It took until 2:00PM for the ambient temps to begin working the pack, but the High North was still holding the cold.  Tomorrow, look for more amazing buffed lines on all sides of the hill.  Look for those surprise lines that will offer the steep carpets that make it well worth getting there early.  Stay ahead of the Sun and hit those lines that will go South quickly.  The High North aspect should still be holding the cold, so check them out early as the temps. will be rising.  Here is a great shot of Bud and Mary Ellen, who have been coming for years and read the report daily.  They really enjoyed the day and were getting ready for another boat.  See you tomorrow for the shredtastic lines and no crowds.  Speed Safely!!

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