4-11-17 by dave

There was morning Sun shining on the hill, but there was a very thin cloud bank screening the full intensity of the rays, which helped keep the product preserved longer.  Mineral Basin was offering excellent Hydro Velvet lines that were smooth consistent and fast.  Here is a shot of the Roy up close and personal, with some nice shadow contrast.  There was high stoke for the day on the First Tram with the Morning Crew dialed in for the session.  We met Team Jackson from South Carolina, who were scoping out the lines on the way up.  Tramrat was doing the play by play for these two chargers who could not wait to get to the goods.  We saw them later from the Chair and they were just killing it.  Looking sharp guys!!On the the front of the hill, the Groomers were offering top to bottom smooth with none of those firmness issues we saw last week.  The deep Exotic Trees opened up today and the Morning Crew were the first out the Traverse.  There were varying levels of quality, with the upper elevations offering cold dry Essence, which quickly morphed  into a nasty Zipper Crust on the flats. This is a shot of the lower apron just before the morphed section.  Those are my turns on the left.  On the lower pitch we were able to find some exquisite powder in the deep North facing trees that was as good as it gets.  Tomorrow, look for another sunny morning with great lines offered by the Grooming Crew.  The off trail is very finicky right now, with the South and East faces having absorbed a lot of heat with direct rays of the Sun.  The High North is the last vestige of soft dry chalk off trail, so look there for the best bet for exploration.  The Exotic Trees are gone by now and will be very difficult.  Be there for the morning shred fest and wide open lines.  See The Line, BE The Line!!

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