4-12-17 by dave

This morning offered some real corduroy madness with amazingly buffed lines prepared on all sides of the hill.  Mineral Basin was going off first and, with the bright morning Sun, was not going to hold up very long.  Lone Star, among other delights, was offering the dry chalk for the first couple runs before morphing into the sorbet zone when the temps. hit the sweet spot.  On the front of the hill, Lower Primrose Path and Lower Lower had been given a fresh till, and the corduroy madness was in full effect on that line as well.   Over on Gad 2, sections of Gadzooks had been buffed smooth and they were amazing as well for the morning session .  Here is a shot of the Middle Gadzooks fall line. Check out that smooth steep carpet.  Good stuff.  It was a picture post card beautiful day without a cloud in the sky, and the Sun was really dishing out the Vitamin D.  I am sure I got a healthy dose while working the chairs.  Here is a shot of Baldy Bowl looking fat with all the high lines filled up.  The hill is just as fat wall to wall and the High North is still offering the last bit of dry soft snow for the adventurous.  By 1:30PM. the lower elevations were getting sticky and it was best to stay up high and work those High North lines and chairs. Tomorrow, look for another sunny day with some South winds developing ahead of a system that is moving in later in the week.  Mineral will be offering the Sun, but I suspect the front of the hill will be good from the word Go for the back to back vert. program.  Watch those South, East, and West off trail areas until softening really happens, as those aspects were really difficult when I drove off the road to check it out.  When I was leaving the hill, Miss Kelly was just getting ready to head up for some time in the Slushie Zone.  I enjoy her enthusiasm for fun in the Sun.  The vibe on the Plaza is infectious. IBBY!!

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