4-13-17 by dave

The Sun was shining, a light wind was blowing, and the temp. on the peak was very balmy to start the Morning Session.  Junior Bounous was on the First Tram and I stopped and got thisshot of THE MASTER standing on top of the world. He has been my roll model since I first arrived here and he is here working the carpets just like he always has.  Mineral Basin had been prepared, and the warm temps. left the dance floor smooth and arcable, with just a hint of blown in dust for the first couple of runs.  Light traffic made the lines wide open and dialable, which kept the pace moving.  On the front of the hill, there were a couple of aspects that needed some time to soften, but there had been tenderizing efforts that made traction easy and predictable.  Lower Primrose Path offered that steep relentless section that made every turn count, as the granular shaved off under the edge.  It was a great feeling and I had to pound out a couple of those before breakfast.  Here is shot of Dan The Man, Buzzy Skigrin, and Tramrat ready to sample the first untracked corduroy lines on a stellar Lewis and Clark sojourn. It did not take long for the back bowl to get too soft, and moving to the front of the hill found the more firm lines softening just in time for the sorbet window to open.  Those turns were just as good as it gets.  It is just another kind of perfect, and one can dial in some articulation that is difficult to ascertain under normal conditions.  Perfect is perfect.    Tomorrow, looks like a weather day, with colder temps., overcast skies, and some precipitation to add some interest to the hill.  Visibility could be variable, we will just have to wait and see.  I will be dressing for cold, but I was driving with the top down all day today and I was lovin’ it. In closing, here is a shot of The Summit at Hidden Peak taken from the boarder land with my long lens.  I love having a place like this to enjoy quality time on the Peak.  We all used to bail in high weather conditions. Now, we can stop, get a cup of chocolate and enjoy the moment.  Stay Frosty!!

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