4-12-15 by dave

The front moved through overnight leaving a dusting of light Essence, high winds, and a wind chill that had my fingers numb by the time I got to the top of a Lewis and Clark line.  The Sun was out, but it did not warm the air a bit, much like a mid Winter cold air mass.  The Groomers had been prepared, and the light dusting was a nice addition to the mat.  With the wind such a factor, the snow had been spread around, leaving some areas stripped and other areas covered with a bit of depth, but not very much.  After a quick lap in Mineral Basin I checked out the front of the hill, where the dust had filled in some nice lines on the corduroy, but firmness was wall to wall.  I took the opportunity to ride the Forklift Chair to let the air warm up a bit, but did not expect much in the way of softening in the pack.  Even after an extended breakfast visit, I made a full round of the hill, from one end to the other, only to find there was precious little in the way of softening to be had, so I opted to chill on the Plaza and visit with friends.   Some interesting clouds were moving through with the cold North wind, and here is a shot of one of the more interesting clouds.  DSC01581 - Version 2Tomorrow, look for another very firm day, with cold morning temps., sunny skies, and some tenderized Groomers to get the day rolling.  It will depend on the warming to determine if much in the way of softening will occur and when, but I cannot give an accurate timeline given today’s scenario.  Gad 2 and Mid Gad will be closed for the season as well as Baby Thunder, leaving plenty to work with none the less.  Dress for a cold morning, but perhaps we might get a bit more warmth than today.  See you for the morning explorations.   Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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