4-13-15 by dave

This morning was a full 10 degrees warmer, with just a light breeze that made the Sun feel that much nicer.  Out in Mineral Basin, the Groomers were offering the nicest corduroy that turned into sweet sorbet as the Sun worked the mat.  Lewis and Clark offered lap after lap of lay over goodness that gave  you all the traction you could ask for.  On the front of the hill, tenderizing efforts had been employed that made the top to bottom laps fun and fast.  Regulator would take until 12:30 PM to break, after which it became another pitch that was sorbet sweet and tasty.  I lapped that run using the Little Cloud chair to stay up high once the sticky factor began to crop up down low.  Here is a shot of the Bird Logo sculpted in fresh Essence, which is a fitting medium.    DSC02785Tomorrow, we will be expecting a newly arriving storm system to move in during the day.  The passage is predicted to arrive between 1 and 4:00PM, so, perhaps, we might get some Sun first thing in the AM, but I am not counting on it.  South winds will be blowing hard ahead of the front, so dress for the conditions.  There will be good consistency on the tenderized lines on both sides of the hill, but there maybe some softening as the morning warms.

Those tenderized lines were good to go on the front of the hill before the break, so they will be the place to look if the weather does not cooperate.  Here is another shot from the top of the Baldy Chair of the last remaining bit of snow clinging to the rock that has seen countless Winters and stands as a window in time.  The icicles are the indications that the Big Return to the Cycle is well underway now, but it must go if it is to return, hopefully with more DSC02789accumulation next season.  This next system is predicted to deliver the goods, so think big and keep the vibrations going for some serious depth.  Ciao!!

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