4-14-15 by dave

There was a very nice window of Sun out ahead of the storm arrival that gave the Morning Crew the run of the beautifully prepared tenderized lines.  Out in Mineral Basin, the wind was stout, and despite the warm temps., made the chill factor feel brisk.  The Lewis and Clark section was a delight, with deep sugar lines that called for additional laps.  On the front of the hill, the Peruvian Gulch had been treated to the till, where top to bottom goodness was a welcome treat.  On the Gad side, a much firmer feel was the result of the much softer conditions yesterday.   Here is a shot of the Morning Crew on first Tram that was walk around empty.  DSC02793After the breakfast break, the pack began to break, which offered very nice sorbet lines that screamed to be caressed instead of slashed.  The deep goodness was as good as it gets, and the low traffic on the hill made concentrating on the sumptuous feel an added treat.  Here is a shot of Lolo, who was ready to join the morning crew for the backside explorations.  It is always a treat to have her join the crew for the carvacious laps.  You can see how few folks were on the first Boat.  DSC02792I went out to survey the break out on Mark Malu and found dry chalky carving on that North facing aspect that surprised me with the quality.  Here is a shot looking back up at that high mountain line that is under appreciated for it’s  exceptional terrain qualities.  That is  one large piece of real estate that has it all.  The real wind began to whip up as the clouds moved in around Noon, and the Tram was running on a Tram by Tram basis, so I decided to head for the Trailer to get things tied down.   DSC02797Tomorrow, look for this system to have brought the goods for the morning session.  Traffic should be heavy for the new snow, so get there early for the first look at the hill.  Be sure to remember the sections that had been melted off and aim for the gut sections for the best coverage.  The hill is still in great shape and this new installment will be a welcome addition.  Lastly, here is a shot of the Northwest Goddess, who was heading up into the teeth of the maelstrom, but with the impending closing of the Tram, decided to chill and get ready for tomorrow’s Essence. DSC02798Be sure to check the road report in the AM. for any restrictions.  This storm will still be here in the morning, so dress for weather.  Syrup won’t stop ‘ EM!!

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  1. Marie says:

    Yes Dave, there is alot to report this “AM.” I am on my way …. the wind came first, the snow followed !!

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