4-11-15 by dave

Very high thin clouds strained the Sun’s rays for most of the day today, with thicker clouds moving in later in the day.  From the Trailer it was a beautiful day, with the horses really enjoying the warm temps. as they romped in the corral.  The new little one is so full of life and seems to be showing off for me when I tell him to show me what he can do.  Quite a display of youthful energy.  I wish I could bottle it.   Up on the hill, the Groomers were still the place to be, though those High North aspects were still holding up, and with warming temps. got better as the day progressed.  Here is a shot of Boundary Bowl with a pristine accumulation from that last installment.    DSC02780The break went off a bit earlier, offering the sorbet goodness on many of the lines that had been prepared.  When the snow hits that perfect stage, I just have to slow down and dig as deep into each turn, as corn goodness is as exciting to my inner senses as the deep powder.  It is just a different type of perfect, and perfect is perfect, it is just a matter of degree.  Tomorrow, look for a cold front to have moved through overnight, which will drop the temps. for tomorrow’s festivities.  The morning could be quite crispy, so look for the tenderized lines for the traction in the early hours.  The clouds are predicted to have moved off, so we can expect another sunny day, but the break might be a bit longer into the day.   There are great bands on the Plaza Deck in the afternoon, bringing a very festive atmosphere after a day of turning and burning.  See you there for the first Boat.  IBBY!!

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  1. Tom and Betty says:


    When people know you, they know from this blog that we are experiencing an alternative reality. Thanks!

    We are done for the season dave, heading home soon, so see you next time. Take care. Syrup won’t stop’em!

    Thanks again,


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