4-10-15 by dave

Extensive grooming was the key feature of the day, with the new product having been worked in to the mat.  A cool start and bright Sun signaled the beginning of a corduroy shredfest.  The quality was as good as it gets, and deep arcs were easy to trust on the Hydro Velvet surfaces.  White Diamonds was given an extra special buff, that made each turn a treasure, letting me know that I could still make a turn after all that shwagging that I was doing last week.  Here is a shot of Old Reliable looking pristeen with the Sun back lighting this North facing aspect.   The cold morning temps. kept the product cooled, so it was very slow to be affected by the Sun, and the front of the hill had a couple of frozen sections as well.DSC02783  Mark Malu was offering stellar dry chalk that kept me going back for more all day.  Regulator took a while to break, but was offering the sorbet goodness when it hit the magic time.  It was not until after 2:00PM that any sticky spots were detectable on the bottom of the hill.  A great band was playing on the Plaza, making the time there festive and fun. DSC02781  Here is a great shot of the Tram Goddesses, who were all together at the same time.  This crew is very difficult to keep up with on any day of the week!!!  I can tell you first hand!   Tomorrow, look for another morning of stellar Grooming all over the hill.  The off trail will have seen even more Sun, so expect some Gnar before softening occurs.  It should be a bit warmer as well, so the break will be earlier.  Look for the Sun out in Mineral Basin for the morning session to make that the place to be while the front warms up.  I will be taking the day off to rest up for next week.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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    Miss those Goddesses!

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