Wingin’ It

4-13-09 by dave

No problems this Monday morning as only a handful of folks made first Tram.  Anticipating this eventuality, I opened the hanger doors and rolled out the UFO’s.  Previously stationed at AREA 51, they made a rare appearance today and I got a chance to take them through their paces with blistering effects.  The Peruvian groomers were hydro velvet smooth down to the last 700′ of vertical so I took a low altitude pass for final approach and landed successfully.  There was no stopping me after that, until the requisite breakfast stop, when I parked them due to too much ground traffic.  The Mineral Basin was graced with some big scale groomers which were ” down hill” good to go.  Very light traffic and nothing but blue sky.  The high North aspects still had the cold winter softness going , so there was plenty of  challenging variety for every one.  I think we will get one more day of good snow on those exposures before the next instalment, which is slated for the middle of the week, brings us more tantalizing freshness.  The frozen aspects began breaking at 12:00 noon and became sumptuous butter by 2:00 PM.  The Gad side had been bullet proof until then, so it would be wise to avoid that side in the AM until softening occurs.  Mineral will be a good option as well as the groomers on Peruvian.  I feel certain that early traffic will, again, be light so if you like it hard and fast the morning session is for you.  There may be some overcast moving in so lighting may be an issue, so bear that in mind.  Keep your eyes open for those UFO’s as you never know when or where they will appear.  Well, there is an incoming message from the BIG GIANT HEAD so I better take my tin foil hat off now!!  From the award winning communications Air Stream; END TRANSMISSION

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