Sun Rise Surface

4-12-09 by dave

A beautiful Sunday morning greeted the very few faithful who were on time for today’s festivities.  The 7” of frozen rain drops felt as smooth as silk, I would go so far as to say that the snow was STUDIO!!! Turning was like frosting a cake with a paper knife.  It felt like floating on a cloud with no bottom to be felt.  The sparse attendance enabled those few to run rampant over untracked shots with unmitigated audacity.  Run after run of untracked goodness was  totally danceable with absolutely no pressure; what a treat.  The sun was shining on the high North section, so the visibility was pristine, but the clouds held fast to the Western side preserving the quality from the radiant heating for most of the morning.  The visibility was interesting at times on the Gad side and Mineral Basin as well, however, the buoyant quality of the sugar made each turn feel effortless.  A few spots were a tad thinner and bouncy on the West faces, which required turn strategy as you charged your way down the hill.  The attendance picked up after 10:00AM and the clouds moved off giving the faithful full visibility on all fronts.  Lots of wide opened shots remained untrammeled well after 11:30AM, so the late comers were not totally denied for their dalliance.  Earlier in the season this would not have been possible as it all goes so fast in this environment.  The bump factor has really been mitigated with the low traffic and winds smoothing out the big shots, giving the hill back it’s back country feel.  The sun really kicked in after 12:00 Noon, so the snow set up rapidly and I bailed to get the Holiday meal in the oven.  It is smelling really good as I write this.  Tomorrow will present some crusty issues on the sunny exposures, so plan accordingly.   I hope you all have a great Holiday and had a fantastic day of skiing.  See you tomorrow!!

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  1. did you get my email re leaving your book at the forklift? martin

  2. did you get my email re leaving your book at the forklift? martin ok

  3. dave says:

    Hi Martin. Thanx for getting that book back to me I hope you liked it. The rest of the series is really incredible and, as you can see, very well documented. Great to see you . Keep in touch . Powers

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