Fresh Spackle

4-14-09 by dave

The weather Tuesday moved in much earlier than predicted. The rain resounded off the roof of the Air Stream off and on all night.  The precipitation, during the drive up the canyon, was rain and continued to be rain as I kept an eye on the temperature.  Finally , just before entry one, the rain turned to snow and that was a good sign.  Only 20 hearty members of the congregation were on hand for first Tram and fortunate they were to be greeted by boot top depth though marginal visibility.  The density increased as one moved down the hill, becoming a bit challenging in the last 500′.  After 3 runs the lower part of the hill had light drizzle falling which really set up the new snow to a gluey type consistency, however, by 11:00AM the temps dropped and the snow continued to fall once again.  This is just the first wave of the set and there are peaks lined up to the horizon so don’t get caught inside for this one.  This is just the first coat of cushion upon which the , increasingly light snow, will pile up to cover the crunch underneath, so this is an essential component in the product structure.  My , tip of the hat, to those who were able to stay and do the trowel work, but my knees could not take the wrenching.  Be sure to check the canyon status in the AM .  Winter is still trying to stick around and we can only oblige by helping it along.  Till tomorrow ; shaka!!

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