1-12-18 by dave

The wind was working the hill wall to wall this morning, but it was massaging the pack instead of stripping it off. Though there was an early push for the Tram, the line went away as soon as the faithful got spread out on the hill. I was looking for the lines a bit outside the obvious and found a few spots that offered sweetness that is as good as it gets. I also went well off trail and looked around, finding some fun lines, but real care was needed on some of the traverses that are still very thin and have some features that can stop one cold if not anticipated. A word to the wise!!. As the wind kept working the pack, there were free refills that kept getting better each time I went back for more. The Groomers were offering very nice consistency, with that light wind transported dust adding a perfectly non machine worked feel. Think perfect wind buffed slab!! Here is a shot of Chris Thiel taken in the far distant past -Circa 1978 out on Restaurant Roll. The years come and go and there is much to come this season. Looking back at those early years brings back the memories, and more of the same great memories are being made every day. Tomorrow, look for more great Grooming on both sides of the hill. Look for some of those wind lines early for the smooth buff. Traffic will be a bit more brisk, but I expect smooth flow. Check out some of those off trail lines, but use your Spidey sense as you tread lightly. I will be taking the day off, so enjoy the fresh cover. IBBY!!

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