1-11-18 by dave

A lot of wind overnight changed the complexion of the hill wall to wall. The West aspects got stripped off a bit, leaving those fat lines of yesterday a bit thin going into the day. There was still plenty of traction and the wind did provide some smoothing, but those ripping into the fat lines from yesterday were caught dealing with some tight lines today. When the Peruvian side of the hill opened after Noon, the pack was fairly wind affected, however, the turns seemed to be fairly easy to work. I thought they would have been grabby, but most of the off trail was good and much of the gnar had been covered. I ventured off the beaten path, looking around for beta, and was pleasantly surprised by how much improved the conditions were from just a few days ago. Here is a shot of The Powder Hound, who flew in just ahead of the storm and was stoked to be getting the goods today. Early in the morning, the visibility was quite variable as clouds moved through the higher elevations, but the smooth surfaces helped mitigate the issue for the most part. Sun did manage to make some breakthroughs, shedding some nice Sun light on the dance floor. I met The South Florida Deep Powder Snow Blowers, who were here for the first time and excited to encounter the hill. I know they had maximum fun as I ran into them later in the day and they were all very stoked. Nice!! I so enjoy meeting folks who are new the the area and see how excited they are to meet the hill. Tomorrow, look for great grooming to be offered on both sides of the hill. The new product will be tilled into the mat, making for some exquisite corduroy. The off trail will still be offering soft snow, however, expect the interference patterns to rebuild quickly. I will be dressing for a moderated temps. and medium winds. Here is a parting shot of the Bingham Mine across the Valley with the snow highlighting the grade variants. It is nice to see the air so clear. See you there for the morning corduroy extravaganza. Peace OUT!

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