1-10-18 by dave

It was raining hard here at The Trailer as I left for the hill and the rain did not turn to snow until the 7000′ level. With high winds and dumping snow at the base it was a good sign to start the day. The Faithful were in full attendance in anticipation or the fresh goods. The new snow was very dense, but cold, making this installment a perfect Spackle layer to fill in all the low spots covering much of the extraneous features that have been lurking. The wind was nuking top to bottom, and the higher elevations were getting blown smooth to a wind buffed perfection. It was a real treat to be able to dial in a righteous turn with solid traction and power to burn. As the pack got worked over lower on the hill, the harbor chop began to build, but a slow, round approach mitigated the variations nicely. This was the perfect accumulation to really get the pack going in the right direction. Here is a shot of Joddy from Cape Cod who is here for his 15th season. We were both stoked to have got the day stowed away and were enjoying the moments of deceleration. Tomorrow, look for a cold windy day. We can look forward to the opening of areas that were closed today. Look for those Northeast aspects to have accumulated a lot of the snow that blew in all day today. All those interference patterns should be well covered, and the hard pack surfaces should be just a footnote on the season now. Look for those smoothed wind lines that should be easy to find and there may be some additional accumulation tonight. See you there for the morning offerings. As Joe Man The Snow Man says,”Don’t skip on the groove sauce”!!

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