1-09-18 by dave

The rain was falling with a light patter as I left The Trailer this morning and it was 47 degrees. It was 42 in the Bird’s parking lot and still raining, but there was a flurry of the Faithful waiting for a shot at the fresh coating that seemed to be waiting in the upper elevations. Here is a shot of the bull pen waiting for the bell. Up on the hill, there was a wide range of consistencies depending on elevation. The top 1000′ was soft, high density powder that felt great underfoot and seemed to bond to the firm layer underneath, mitigating the variations beautifully. The mid elevation was still nice, but began to exhibit some of the wetter characteristics of the rising temps. The lowest 500′ was quite thick as the snow had turned to rain, but the Spring like granularity of the pack was fun and dialable. Over all, it was much better than I had expected, and numerous runs were required to get the full effect of this new installment. Here is a shot of Sarah, who was on Deck to help the guests get their day started. She brings a bright Sunny light to a misty gray morning. Tomorrow, look for more snow to have fallen as the storm continues to bring the goods. The off trail will begin to offer much improved lines as the variations get filled in. The wind of yesterday filled in much of the high amplitude interference patterns on the Northeast aspects, making those lines fun and fresh. It was fun to get off the old same thing and explore some new lines. The Cirque Travers has reopened, but use caution on the approach as the cover is still a tad dodgy. I will be looking further afield tomorrow to get a better look at the hill as the options expand. Another great day is on tap for tomorrow, so be ready to get get the full traction effect. IBBY!!

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