1-08-18 by dave

Stout warm South winds were working the high elevations, moving the snow around. It was stripping off some sections, and other sections were filling in. The upper Peruvian Gulch was benefiting from the wind direction. Here is a shot of the Twins with the wind transporting snow from the South aspects to the North aspects. I had thought there would be some residual softness after it got worked into the mat, but the wind had changed that dynamic. Still, there was plenty of traction to be had, though a more cautious approach was needed to keep the pace reasonable. With the wind at your back, that was a full time job holding the line but keeping it going. Traffic was quite light and the spacious Trams were a treat. That full on, back to back Tram pace was easy to make, delivering max vertical. As the day progressed the Sun became brighter as the high clouds thinned out. At 1:30 PM. the cloud deck of the approaching system began making it’s way into the Front and flattened the light. Tomorrow, look for a stormy day as the system will have moved in. Dress for weather and expect colder temps. Be watchful for those off trail sections that are inconsistent with interference patterns, but explore a bit looking for the sections that were filled by today’s wind: Think North East aspects. Before I dropped my last Tram, I stopped into The Summit at Hidden Peak to bask in the energy emanating from the Peak. While I as chilling, I met Don and Marie, who are avid readers of the site. Don was telling me that any day at The Bird is indescribable, and I would have to agree. It was a treat to meet them both and spend some time sharing the stoke level. See you there for the storm riding. Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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