1-13-18 by dave

There were some interesting lenticular formations over the mountains this morning with the Sun shining brightly. The day warmed up quickly, becoming well above average, so one could slide with the top down. The soft snow was a welcome addition, and it added a real feel of velvet to the machine worked lines. After all the welcome weather of the past few days, it was nice to see the Sun and get a closer look at what is going on off trail. I was not on the hill today, and with the season beginning as it has, I have been reflecting on my first season ’76-’77 ” Year of the Drought. This season, sparse as it has been, is worlds better on this date today as it was during that year. I offer this vintage shot from that year of Team SIZZLE on the peak. Top, from left to right, Chuck ” The Wiley One” Wiley, Dan “The Man” Knoop, Kurt Kruetzberg, Mat” The Splat” Peltier, Me, George “Cool Whip” Laurent and Gerry Burke. Down in front from the left is Chuck “Gramps” Graham, and Mark “Jonsey” Jones. Yes, that is the legendary Cool Whip of the Cool Whip Traverse fame. He was a very fit guy and could do non stops, top to bottom, the hard way, all day long. That traverse was a favorite line for him and it was George that would cut it whenever he got the chance. Good times, and Team SIZZLE is still alive, well, and working the hill daily, though the team is much expanded including everyone these days. Nice to have the world on board. Tomorrow, look for more High Pressure warmth and Sunshine. Groomers should be excellent once again. Be looking closely at those off trail lines for rising features as the traffic works the hill. See you all there dark and early for another SIZZLING day!!. Stay Frosty!!

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