1-14-18 by dave

Corduroy goodness was the highlight of today’s offerings, as the Cat Crew prepared some nice lines of hydrovelvet. The dry chalky feel reminded me of some of the back country wind slab of yesteryear. With the snow guns blazing all night long, and the still air, there were some amazing stretches of delightful dust that made those prepared lines just off the chart buffed. I slowed down in those sections to extract as much juice as I could from each turn. When the Sun rose up over the ridge, Regulator offered those dry chalky lines that seemed to get better as the shaved dust of the traffic built up on the steep section. Again, there were amazing offerings on both sides of the hill. There are quality lines on some of the off trail offerings, but access is dodgy and interesting. I am still holding off those entrances till we get more snow since I broke out my new Dynastar Legend 96’s. Here is a shot I took of the Tram and the Tram cables glowing as it came up on Tower 4. Tomorrow, look for more great morning laps on carpets of velvet. I think the guns may be working again with the cold night, so I expect some additional Gun Powder lines to be there for the early risers. Traffic should be light even though the Holiday is here, as the line was very fast moving this morning. I will be looking for additional access that, perhaps, might be in the offing, but I am not holding my breath. With smooth lines and low morning traffic, it will be fun to get a jump start on the week. It looks like there may be a bit of weather coming during the week, so we can look forward to some more soft snow. Straight Ahead!

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