2-14-14 by dave

There was yet another dusting of Ultra Velvet covering the dance floor as the morning got off to and early start with another Customer Appreciation day.  First Tram left at 8:15 AM, and since the road was closed until 8 AM  I did not get on the hill until the 8:45AM departure.  It was no issue though as Regulator Johnson was the only run open to kick things off.  The Peruvian side of the hill opened offering the most sumptuous wind transported extravaganza imaginable.  I was able to access the High North aspects with ease as the upper entrances had been loaded up nicely.  The wind kept refreshing the tracks as soon as you passed, making each run a treasure.  These are the days you remember as the perfection lasts all day long.  As the day progressed, the lower mountain became quite manky, with the Cat Tracks becoming like a linoleum floor.  I just could not seem to find the groove when I got on them.  Both sides of the hill were getting the benefit of the wind, with even the West facing aspects catching some nice accumulation.  The trees also have been helped by the wind, with many of the tightlyDSC01839 bumped sections mellowing out.  Tomorrow, look for some more overnight accumulation, clearing skies, and continued warm temps.  I think the wind will still be a feature as the next system moves in from the North for Sunday, so keep your eyes on the wind worked lines for excellent feel.  The hill is getting fat, and there are less features to avoid, and some features will only reappear this spring.  Here is a shot of the only glimmer of visibility that opened up all day.  The Mountain Coaster frames the Mine out in the distance.  Ciao!!

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