2-15-14 by dave

The wind continued to work the hill after closing yesterday, leaving the hill wind worked smooth after a long siege of interference patterns during the past dry spell.  This is such a rare occurrence when all the high aspects get smooth and dreamy.  The cognoscenti made as many runs on these favorite big drops as possible to get as much of such a rarity as was humanly possible.  The deep contacts were all atwitter with news of the spectacular nature the hill provided today.  I really missed out on this today, but I got a full heaping helping yesterday, and I can tell you that it is as good as it gets.  Once again, it gets deeper, but it does not get better.  Powder Paradise and the Road to Provo opened today, offering more of the wide open smooth frosting that has been delivered in the last few days.  Tomorrow, look for more weather to move into the Front with mild temps out ahead of the cold front that is moving in out of the North West.  The South wind should be working ahead of this front, so the wind buffed sections should be offering the ultra buff as the wind continues to work the aspects.  All aspects are in very nice shape, with only very rare echos of the rime layer.  Entrances are getting much better now, and access to some of the drops that have been holding me off due to the gnar are good to go.  It is going to be a great day of storm sliding, so gear up and ride the storm out. Here is an example of the art I have been producing as I find the new path.  Stay Frosty!!DSC00248 - Version 3

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  1. Randy says:

    Great gobs of Goo!! Drippy trippy hippy!

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