2-13-14 by dave

The Canyon opened a bit early this morning and I was able to grab second Tram, where Regulator was the only run open as the control work was on going.  The wind was ripping with very high density snow falling and a few new inches of frosting covering the dance floor.  When the Peruvian Gulch opened it was a no brainer to hit the High North aspects as that is where the transported snow was going.  As the day went on the wind really started smoothing lines on the upper third of the hill that were absolutely STUDIO!!  It does get deeper, but it does not get better.  As the high density installment got tracked out the harbor chop began to crop up, especially on the lower third of the hill where the consistency got very Manky.  Still, the upper third of the hill was worth dealing with the lower elevations.  The Tram closed around 1:30 PM and I called it a day, as I did not want to chance a tweak in those sticky lower sections.  Tomorrow, look for additional high density accumulation as the Westerly flow continues to bring impulses along the stream.  This heavy density coating is filling in the features and gnar that have been plaguing us, and I was able to ski into the top of Scott with no problems.  Nice to have that option back again.  It will be another great day of snow sport sliding on some very nice frosting.  Here is a shot taken out in Mineral Basin when a little Sun popped through the clouds revealing  this perfect exposure of goodness just waiting for the word GO!!   IBBY!!DSC01837

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