2-12-14 by dave

The next impulse of this Westerly pattern moved into the Front this morning leaving a few centimeters of ultra velvet covering the dance floor.   While the visibility was marginal, the excellent grooming job gave confidence to drop into the smooth lines where you could dig into each turn as deep as you wished.  With the visibility as it was, Mineral Basin was not calling me there, though the tree lines out there did offer some good reflected light.  Some of my deep contacts went back there and found some very nice lines.  The wind was working the product and some wind buffed sections were happening, but the increasing snow fall kept me chasing the smooth lines as the high density Essence built up.  Though the density was high, the feel was magical and did not slog down the turns.  Rather the luxurious feel made me dig deep for the turns as I was trying to bring some of the articulation that the Olympic racers are putting down.  My mantra has beenDSC01830 to Lay It Down Like Ligety, where tipping the ski and moving through the turn is so satisfying.  Tomorrow, look for accumulation to have built up over night as the flow continues.  The Canyon will be closed in the AM for control work, so you can kick back a bit as it gets opened somewhere around 8:30 AM.   The guts on the hill have been filled in, but some of the those high points still need to be taken seriously.  The traverses are also improving, though the high amplitude cross chop still is a feature.  Here is another shot of the build up on the pines I saw as I motored around the hill.  See you when we can get up the hill.  Peace Out!!

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