2-11-14 by dave

DSC01831That sunny day the weather dude promised did  not materialize today, but the first runs in Mineral Basin did provide that sunshine for the first 45 minutes.  As anticipated, the Groomers were really perfect, letting you dig the edge with full confidence. Regulator was the only exposure that still held those ceramic tile sections that have been blow off by the wind.  Floating those sections is easy to anticipate and is no real issue, but know those slick areas are still alive.  The off trail is still soft overall, however the underlying harbor chop is still feeling a bit  lumpy and bumpy.   As the clouds moved in, wind, and visibility went away so I was staying with what I knew was smooth. In Mineral Basin the areas, that prior to the storm cycle, were stripped bare are now looking covered and very doable.  That is a huge improvement over just a few days ago.  Powder Paradise opened up today, however, all aspect around the clock  had slid, leaving some serious deposition to negotiate on the gut areas.  Getting down that section was an interesting exercise.  The line I did find was sporting a tricky zipper crust, but it did not bother the turn accuracy  too much at all.  Tomorrow, look for another installment to move in as the next impulse along the Jet Steam impacts the Front.  Look for the hill to offer some low amplitude rumble on the wide open off trail areas.  It could well be a classic storm riding day with free refills, which is a real powder day for me.  Here is a shot of the Valley I took yesterday.  I seems like being in Heaven when I look down and see only glowing clouds and no civilization.  IBBY!!

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