1-24-18 by dave

The wind was ripping this morning, and was transporting what loose snow that was available over to the Northeast aspects. Temps. were fairly mild, but the wind really lowered the wind chill significantly. The Groomers out in Mineral Basin were off the chart smooth and rippable. The consistency was amazing and full power arcs were in full effect if you dialed up enough edge angle. I began working the Peruvian side of the hill to take advantage of the vacant lines and accumulating pockets that were building all day long. The afternoon warmed up, however, the wind increased in strength, making it still feel cold on the peak. Here is a shot of the Tram hitting the peak all frosty and lit by the morning Sun. Clouds moved over the hill later in the afternoon as the next weather system is moving in. Tomorrow, look for continued high winds and snow moving in mid day. Dress for the weather. I will be hitting those open lines on Mineral Basin to start things out. The Groomers will be feeling great and I think there will be some wind lines to find after accumulating overnight. Keep and eye out. Today I completed yet another lap around the Sun, and the Morning Crew helped me celebrate with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday on the Tram and a great Forklift breakfast session. They gave me this awesome bottle of wine. Thanks to everyone that made it such a great day. IBBY!!

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