1-23-18 by dave

There was between an inch and 6″ of Fluffulescence covering the hill, which was an unexpected delight for the early risers for today’s festivities. Mineral Basin was offering the bright Sun and fresh untracked lines that called for immediate attention. The morning crew went on a Lewis and Clark series of laps to work the vacant low angle aspects that were soft and sweet. The bottom was in play here and there, but the turns went off without a hitch. The High North aspects, while well covered, seemed to make the bottom more immediate and required a compensated approach to deal with the variations. Here is a great shot of Robert taken by the Jakester as we came off the upper section. The day warmed up nicely, and the traffic remained very light, so max vertical was easy to put up. The front of the hill was offering great Groomed lines with snow making ongoing on the Peruvian side of the hill. I took advantage of the vacant lines and Gun Powder accumulations on the Peruvian Gulch. It was great to have the quality hold up all day. My buddy Ira made his first appearance of the season and was stoked to be here for the fresh frosting today. Great to have him back with us. Tomorrow, look for more fun in the Sun, with great machine worked lines on all sides of the hill. I will be looking toward Mineral Basin for the morning laps in the Sun. There will be some soft snow out on the Road to Provo, which opened today. I went out and got some very nice turns but did find a few hidden features. Traffic should be light and some Gun Powder may be available for the first few laps. I went to Kazoodi’s Designer Pizza party last night and Mikey M threw down some amazing samples for consideration. These Pizzas can be obtained at his 3 stores in LA. See you for the morning shred fest. Stay Frosty!!

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