3-01-18 by dave

Heavy wind smoothing had been working the hill overnight, leaving some lines that had legendary quality. I was watching carefully on the first Tram ride to the Peak and it was obvious that there was epic wind buffed smooth extravagance on many of the lines that had previously been a rumble fest. Mineral Basin opened after a short delay, offering smooth prepared lines that had transported dust coating the nap that made those sections dream like in their sheer perfection. Again, there are different types of perfect, but not degrees of perfect. The wind was pumping, keeping the open lines from becoming choppy, and the low guts were continually filling. I was doing some close inspection of lines that will be covered when the big snow hits in the next day, so having the substrate memorized helps dial in the smooth when the visibility goes South. Here is Team Nashville, who were finishing up a great week here and were luxuriating in the Forklift ambience. They are avid readers of the site and I was giving them the 411 on some of the more arcane references I use from time to time. Tomorrow, look for a day of wind as the front gets closer. Expect cold, even though the thermometer might indicate warm, it will be cold like it was today. Glad I dressed up for the occasion. Those wind smooth lines will be offering the steep radical goodness that is a rare commodity, with the traffic that usually leaves them worked over. Now, those shots that I avoid are billiard table smooth pitches of amazing. Keep your eyes pealed for the goods on the ascent. See you there for the Hydro Velvet carpets of AHHHHH!! As Joe Man The Snow Man says, ” Don’t Skip On The Groove Sauce”!!

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