2-28-18 by dave

A perfect dusting of gossamer covered the hill with a moisture content that was too light to be measured. I am thinking in the 3% range. Here is a shot of a protected area with the flakes glistening in the still air. Out in Mineral Basin, the Sun was out and the Morning Crew began working the untracked smoothness on the Lewis and Clark exploration. You could do no wrong on those deep pile shagg rugs of goodness. On the front of the hill, clouds were moving in and out, and the goodness there was perfect as well. We covered the entire mountain all before the breakfast break to get as much of the dust covered lines before it got tracked out. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew at The Landing with the East Twin in the background. A long awaited opening of The Exotic Trees made for an extra special treat. It has been closed for the entire season and it is great to have it open for sampling. Here is a shot of Brian Beck getting all of it on the apron. It was a great day all the way around, and everyone was stoked for the perfect conditions. Here is a shot of The Hughes family, who are avid readers of the site and were getting recharged for the afternoon session at The Summit It was so much fun to meet them and share the excitement of the day. Tomorrow, look for the next cycle to begin moving in for the next few days. Visibility could be an issue, so stay close to the trees for reference. The Groomers will be offering excellent consistency that can be relied on for full commitment in the turns. The wind will be blowing out ahead of the storm, so look for wind buffed lines. The smoothing of recent days has held up and should still be good and getting better as the wind continues to massage the hill. See you there for the start of the next big installment. Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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