2-27-18 by dave

The big winds of the past couple of days have consolidated the snow into more of a cushion as it gets piled and smoothed. The High North is offering supportable slab that feels like the Cosmic Groomer had a hand in it. Some of the aspects were a tad punchable, where there was not enough punch to set it up. In those spots, long deliberate turns mitigated the variations, but you had to keep it tight to the fall line. The Groomers were fantastic, with some wind transported dust adding to the sweetness of every turn. The Morning Crew came out strong for the Lewis and Clark assault. Here is a shot of the Crew ready to rock the vacant carpets. As the day progressed, I went looking for smooth lines, and I found the wind had smoothed some of the lines that were rumble yesterday. The traverses are still holding up, but there are spots that require care and a fine line to avoid some of the gnar. The old crusty layer, while still in play, is muted by the new wind worked cover, making the overall feel much softer with not as much deflection. Here is a shot of Team Extreme, who are avid readers of the site and were celebrating Fearless Leader’s completion of another lap around Old Sol. What a great way to start the next Cosmic Arc. Tomorrow, look for a very nice day with wind out of the North. Look for those wind smoothed lines, which can be found on all sides of the hill. It is fun to go out looking and trying out hunches. Sometimes they pay off, other times they will be quite interesting. The Groomers will be offering amazing carpets of goodness, so you can explore your inner Ligety!! Full traction is guaranteed with each turn when it gets this good. Speed Safely!!

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