2-26-18 by dave

The wind was pumping hard out of the Soutwest, which was working some transport magic on the High North aspects and all low lying areas. There was light traffic for the morning session, and plenty of vertical was up for grabs. The Groomers were offering amazing Hydro Velvet that felt sweet and plush underfoot. That section of Middle Primrose Path has now been prepared after this recent storm cycle. I have been waiting all season for this line to be added to the mix and it did not disappoint. On the West side of the hill, the wind was scouring most of the high sections, but there were lines that were holding the transported snow in the low guts that were just becoming supportable, however, you had to be light to stay on top. While the day was overcast, the visibility was fairly good, with the blown bits of pine bows leaving good reference on the carpets. Here is a shot of The Blues Brothers joined by Cali Girl, who were charging up at The Summit. I had stopped in to enjoy the weather tumult going on outside while I rested in the quiet warmth of the Peak. Tomorrow, look for improved wind buffed lines as the wind continues to massage the hill. The High North will still be favored and well worth the first shots of the day. Dress for the cold as the wind is very cutting and makes it feel much colder than it is. The interference patterns are still holding up, but are being mitigated on the High North aspects as they get filled slowly. That low amplitude rumble is being muted a bit as the loose snow becomes more consolidated. Watch the traverses as you proceed as the wind changes things on those approaches quickly. You can expect excellent Hydro Velvet lines on all sides of the hill, with a dusting of transported confection on the surfaces. MMMMMMM Gooood! See you dark and early. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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