2-25-18 by dave

A beautiful installment of ultra light Essence fell on the hill overnight, and The Faithful were on hand early and waiting for the opening bell. The air was very cold with a stout wind blowing and solid overcast to start out the day, which gave way to a blue bird afternoon. With the ultra light quality, the bottom layer was in play top to bottom, with only the lowest angle aspects feeling a bit more floaty. The interference patterns and low amplitude rumble was tricky to negotiate as the new snow covered the features and made the variations very tough to see in the variable visibility. Mineral Basin was delayed opening, but when the rope dropped The Faithful were living large in full effect, as those lines back there were much smoother. Due to the marginal visibility, I offer this shot of one of the wind waves that had me caught inside and paddling for the shoulder. Tomorrow, look for continued unsettled weather, with stout wind, cold temps. and light snow. Visibility could be marginal, so stick with the trees for detail and reference. With the stout winds, be looking for wind transported areas to be offering smoothing lines. The consistency of the pack may be becoming a bit more consolidated, so there may be some cushion to mitigate some of the rumble that is widespread. Dress for cold, as today required an extra layer to keep things toasty. I will be out and about looking at different aspects for the smoothest lines. The Groomers ought to be amazing, as the new product will make for stellar tilling material. Lewis and Clark will be calling first thing, and I expect some of the best quality of the season. See you for the morning goods. IBBY!!

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