2-24-18 by dave

There was just a light dusting on the hill overnight and cold temps. continued to keep the snow nicely refrigerated. The Groomers were offering the best smooth carpets in the marginal visibility and the off trail is still holding that high frequency rumble from all the traffic of last week. The high traffic areas are still holding the high amplitude interference patterns as the wind has not yet filled them in. Here is a fun shot of His Jeffness taking it real easy on one of the very sparse Trams a couple of weeks ago. I have been holding on to this one for just such an occasion as this when I don’t have a fresh shot to post, but it is as real as it gets. Good times. Tomorrow, look for a liberal installment of Essence to have been delivered overnight. I expect it will have the ultra righteous Utah Light quality, as it is still quite cold and that is best for the goods. There will be strong pressure for this installment so plan accordingly. Depending on the moisture content, I expect the bottom to still be in play, so look for the low angle aspects to offer the same bottomless feel we had Friday on those Lewis and Clark laps. The chair option has been paying off in recent days with all the pressure on the Tram, and The Morning Crew has scored some very quick access and excellent lines by working the peripheral edges. Be sure to dress for the cold and expect a storm day as flurries are predicted throughout the day. See you there for the first boat. Watch your six!!

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