2-23-18 by dave

Today was a sleeper powday, as the report did not indicate that much accumulation, so the Faithful did not make a push, leaving the goods to the folks that were on hand for the festivities. Temps. were cold, and the visibility was marginal, but there was a beautiful coating of light Essence that made the morning session something special. Mineral Basin seemed to hold the deepest deposits with the Lewis and Clark sojourn offering low angle, bottomless goodness with absolutely no traffic. We had to lap that area numerous times to take advantage of the untracked lines with zero pressure. I love these type of Powder days, where the goodness is easy and plentiful all day. Here is a shot of Team Concord MA., who were just rolling into the first day of their stay, and were getting the low down on the best approach to the day. It is fun to meet folks from my home town area. Tomorrow, look for more freshness to be on tap with some areas still waiting in the wings after being closed all day. Flurries might be hanging out for the AM. session, but it should be a fairly nice day though the temps. will still be very cold. Be sure to dress for the cold and watch for frost nip. The old crusty layer is still in play, however, it has been mitigated by the additional accumulation. Here is a shot of The Star Cruiser covered with goodness as I left for the day. I will be taking the day off as usual tomorrow, but I will be reporting with intel from my inside sources. Stay Frosty!!

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