2-22-18 by dave

Visibility was tricky this morning as a very cold cloud hung over the peak making the chill factor very biting. Mineral Basin was offering the best visibility, though the details were very hard to discern. The Groomer’s consistency made the variability much more predictable as you could trust the smooth. The dry chalky feel was like a carpet underfoot, and solid traction could be counted on for those laid over moments. On the front of the hill, the trees were offering the best reflected light, which made the details easier to see. Light traffic on the Tram made for easy back to back laps, and there was plenty of room to keep the pace fun and fast. Here is a shot of my friend Robert and his son Gage working the chairlift option yesterday. They got it all top to bottom. Tomorrow, look for some accumulation overnight and continued very cold temps.. The Groomers will be offering the best smooth lines in the variable visibility. The off trail is still holding that low amplitude rumble overall, but there may be some wind smooth lines beginning to show. It will take a bit of looking around to find them. Dress for cold again, and any extra layers you have will help keep you in the comfort zone. I dressed for it this morning, but I could have used an additional layer just to make it toasty. I stopped in at The Summit again today and got this interesting shot of the ceiling fans in the main room refracted by the glass on the second floor. It has that labyrinthian feel to it that makes it seem like a room full of mirrors. See you there for the fresh cover and fast laps. Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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