3-02-18 by dave

High velocity warm wind was working the hill this morning, putting the Tram on hold and a delay on the Peruvian Chair. The Gad side of the hill was offering very low traffic, smooth Groomers, and some interesting variations on the off trail lines. This wind was filling the high amplitude interference patterns in those high traffic areas, making them much more inviting. There was Sun in the distance dangling the hope of better visibility, but the clouds hung on the peak and kept the vis. marginal. Here is a shot of the Valley looking clear and ready for the storm. I really like the contrast between the Sun and the shadow. The Tram fired up at 11:30AM., and the upper elevations had been really scoured by 100MPH gusts that transported any loose snow into the trees. The warm wind began to make the remaining pack a tad manky, which made for some squirly feeling surfaces. I opted to wrap up early and let the wind prep the hill for the next installment that is slated to move in overnight. Tomorrow, look for a storm day with overnight snow having fallen. Check the road report for access. Dress for cold as the cold front will have moved through. Much of the High North has been smoothed over, so you can expect some very nice lines under the fresh Essence. The wind is still roaring outside The Trailer, so it feels like it is going to be a big event. I will be taking the day of tomorrow, so be safe and make some turns for me. IBBY!!

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