2-03-15 by dave

The Groomers were calling from the sunny Mineral Basin as the Tram hit the peak, but the off trail wind deposited lines out there were overruling that call.  The High North aspects were just off the charts smooth, with consistency that made you pay attention and rewarded that focus with turns you dream about.  Lewis and Clark was offering some very nice lines as well, with the far reaches harboring some real delights.   On the front of the hill, smooth lines and wind filled interference patters offered a much improved feel wall to wall.  I went out and did a couple of Cirque Traverse laps to get a sense of the coverage.  Access is good there, but the leading edge needs to be heeded, as it is fairly stripped.  Low and Slow will get you to where you are going.  The wind has filled so many lines that you can get the goods where there was crunch lurking just the other day.  The higher density product added cushion and bottom to each turn, with only echos of the old crunch still evident.  Here is a shot of the wind buff at the bottom of the first Bookend run looking  backup at the Twin.  This was every bit as good as it looks and the deep trenches evidence the awesome sweetness of the carpet.  DSC02532Tomorrow, look for more weather to be working the hill, wind to have reworked the big smooth lines of today, and really great conditions offering a rebound from the hard pack of last week.  Look for the High North aspects to still be offering the best big mountain smooth.  Be there for the light traffic and perfect lines the morning session offers.  Here is a shot looking into Mary Ellen Gulch and the FUTURE!!!  So amazing, I can’t wait.  DSC02535 See you there dark and early.   IBBY!!

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