2-02-15 by dave

I don’t know where this storm came from, but I thought it was supposed to be a sunny day.   Just goes to show how wrong I was on that call.  A few inches of medium density Essence covered the dance floor with poor visibility, high winds, and a fun morning of white out exploration.  Just to make it an extra special challenge we dropped into Mineral Basin to try out skiing by feel and dead reckoning.  The smooth lines I had worked yesterday were still offering the consistency that you need when all you have is feel, and the frosting on the cake made it all floaty and surreal.  On the front of the hill the trees were a nice reference after the milk bottle lines, and the coverage was sticking to the hard layer underneath, making the ride that much better.  The due West faces were taking a beating from the wind, and tended to be scoured and hard.  As 11:00 AM approached there seemed to be some slight clearing over the Valley.  Here is a shot of the Mine making an appearance through the fog and snow.  Those High North lines were still holding the smooth, but actually seeing them was difficult.  Off the beaten path, the interference patterns were tricky, but  DSC02528better with the new snow cushioning the transitions.  I was staying with the know smooth.  I took another exploratory out on the Road to Provo, where there were nice smooth lines of freshness, but you HAD to be where it was smooth from yesterday considering the visibility.  I did get thrown a couple times when I strayed off the buff.    Tomorrow, look for more weather to be on tap, with visibility an issue.  More accumulation could come through tonight with more on the way up stream.  This should be a great week.  Still, be dressing for cold and weather even though it seems warm at the base.  You will be needing it when you ride the chairs.   Stay with the trees and the smooth for the best lines in the AM.  Exploratories are fun to challenge your inner feel and sense of place on the hill, and unseen, untracked lines are a definite bonus if you venture into the abyss.  See you for the freshness in the AM.   Stay Frosty!!

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