11-29-12 by dave

There was a very light turn out for the crispy cold first Tram of the day.   It was decidedly colder all morning, but it warmed up as the day wore on, though it was still much colder than yesterday.    The big wind we had buffed out the steep sections on the High North that held up all day long.  The light flattened out later as well increasing the feel factor.  It is extra primo firm overall, but there are still nice lines to find that have that silky smooth feel.  The cat tracks are holding up solidly and rocks are minimal.   Off trail is becoming smoother as the wind worked it, but there are some sections of chop that make the ride a bit rough, but that is the fun of exploring the obscure lines.  There is gold here and there if you are looking for something out of the way.  Tomorrow, look for another day of hard charging  fun.  The energy is up and everyone is stoked to be dialing in the laps.  The Tram is running fast, and there is no dawdling when trying to make each car.  See you there for some ground pounding early morning laps.   I did not get a shot off today, sorry.  Tomorrow I will make up  for it.   Peace Out!

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