11-30-12 by dave

The Tram left the dock into very high winds with a thick cloud hanging on the peak.  The visibility was fair at the base, but the high elevation was obscured by blowing snow being ripped from the pack.  It was blowing so hard that the loose snow did not seem to adhere, so the dance floor was smooth and firm.  Both sides of the hill were being scoured, however, there was some nice velvet holding on to the corduroy for those first few runs.  The wind blowing out of the South got behind you and shot you out like a rocket across the flat areas.   The wind fell off as the morning wore on and the temperature seemed to rise.   Tomorrow, look for the mountain to have held up during the week, the early morning rippers to offer some real wake me up fun.  The smooth is holding up as well, as the the traffic has been light and only the deepest choke points get much static to negotiate. This is great early season training conditions with back to back trams easy to get, and a full spectrum of nuance to use to hone technique.


Be there early to get the jump on the day.  I will be realigning the antenna array after this big wind knocking things out of whack, so I will not be on the hill.  Keep it frosty for me!!  Here is a shot of the cloud hanging on the peak.    Ciao!

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